In-game advertising

03 October, 2009

In-game advertising (IGA) is the next big unexplored territory in the advertising business. According to Wikipedia, Massive Incorporated believes that in-game advertising could grow up to as much as $1.8 billion in 2010 from $56 million in 2005. Microsoft and its wholly owned subsidiary Massive are constantly looking for new partnerships in order to capture the still fairly unexplored market of in-game advertising. With their new partnership with THQ they hope to find ways to place brands and products that enhance the gameplay experience.


At IBTGames Inc. we believe in the same philosophy and want to offer our users and enhanced gameplay experience with the brands and products that will be advertised within our games. We believe that advertisements should only be placed in spots where it doesn’t become a nuisance for the user and the gameplay that the user experiences. Therefore there are only a limited number of advertising spaces within the games but they ensure that the user will actually click on the links instead of being annoyed by them.