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IBT has a wide array of very popular and highly engaging Facebook games which are the result of years of research and development of the IBT Research & Development team. IBT Games is known for its rich but neat and clean graphics, engaging gameplay powered by ibtGames - the world class game engine developed by IBT.


Today we live in a world of social networking. Everything is so much more fun and effective when we do it in a group. And in this busy life, this purpose is being served by cutting edge social networking websites. IBT Social is a world class array of social networking websites and services. The best-in-class social networking engines that IBT has developed are ibtBuy, ibtCareer and ibtLogger.


If you are running a single store or a nationwide chain of outlets with central or distributed warehouses, IBT Business has the solution for making your life easy! Our solutions are highly reliable with 100% uptime guaranteed and built-in world class reporting that helps you take the crucial decisions. IBT Business offers solutions for point of sales, supply chain management, restaurant management, and human resource management etc.


Are you running a business? If yes, of course you need to present it nicely in front of your clients and prospective customers. In today's world, the smartest way to do this is through your own business web portal. IBT Portals gives you everything that you need to start and maintain your portal! The satisfied customers of IBT Portals are served with highly user-friendly CMS and nice looking representations of the front end. And all the web portals are powered by ibtPortals a professional portal engine.